September 25, 2008

Name My Baby...Please!!!!

At 34 weeks and change, I am beginning to get a bit panicky over the fact that we still don't have a name for this baby. We don't even have any real possibilities. is with mostly (see below) open minds that we come to you for help, guidance, and assistance. Please help!

The Rules:

-The baby is a boy!

-The name must start with a hard "C" or "K" (no Charles or Cecil, for example). We thought about branching out to other letters of the alphabet, but then realized that doing so would enable this child to pretend with relative ease that he isn't part of our family. We prefer that this child be resented by his older siblings for something more important, like being given a 12pm curfew when he is eleven (can you tell that I am an oldest child?!).

-It is preferable, though not mandatory, that the name be one that is easily mispronounced or likely to be mistaken for another, more common name. My kids really like it when they are called "Amber," "Collin," and "Courtney." I similarly enjoy being called "Jan," "Jenna," "Janet," and "Janice."

An acceptable alternative to an easily mispronounced name is a name that rhymes with an embarrassing body part, a food product, or sounds like "colon" when it is said real fast. Since I have Crohn's Disease (a gastrointestinal disorder), I would like nothing better than to name my child after the part of my digestive system that was removed when I was a teenager. But my husband says "no." He also turned down "Crohn," "Colostomy," and "Colorectal" for similar reasons.

While it is impossible for your names to be as good--or disturbing--as my initial selections, I am genuinely excited to see what you come up with. I've checked out many of your blogs and have seen firsthand what cute (and cool) names you've come up with for your kids. Please work your magic for me!


mamajil said...

I've missed weather the baby is a boy or girl are a few names I like... Cayden,Cay, Cassidy, Cameron, Camden, Kyle, Cody, Kacie, Carolyn, Kalynn..... Its soooo Hard to name a baby!! We change initials when the gender changes which is kinda stupid but since we started it we feel compelled to stick to we have a Josh then 4 girls with M names 2 boys with S names and 3 girls with R names....the R names have been hard to come up with!! Good Luck!!

gigi said...


Bringhurst Family said...

Kade, Keiser, Cash,

Lani said...

Carmine? Carmello? Just kidding.. I have always liked Cooper, Christian, and Carter. Good luck!

Jen said...

Callum, Keegan, Keaton, Canton, Cooper

Good Luck!!!
Jen AKA Lurker

DramaMama said...

Kobain? OK you can laugh now, that was a joke.

Cheryl AKA another Lurker who loves your blog said...

Koen, Cohen (I know same name just different spelling so it's really fun to mispronounce-and somewhat fulfills your colon requirement. :)) Canute, Caradoc, Carlisle (twilight is trendy), Calahan, Kaniel, Calder, Keane. I actually like Calahan and you could spell it with a K if you like. I also like Caleb. But, Kermit is a very underused name. There are so many good and fun names out there. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My suggestions have already been taken! But I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I'm 34 weeks (yesterday) and our little boy just got a name last Thursday! I was started to get depressed! LOL! Anyway, my favs are Kade or Cade, Callum or Kallum, and Cayden or Kayden! GOOD LUCK! It's sooo hard naming a baby!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

CLARK (I'm biased, but love that name)

I like some of the names other people shared, but I'll try to come up with some others that haven't been said yet-- Cutler, Kendall, Kellen, Kristofer (and it's many varied spellings), Calvin and Kelby.

You might like this site for more ideas:

Good luck... please don't be one of those people that call the kid baby for 6 months until they come up with a name.

Elizabeth said...

Kai, Kurt, Cody, or because my husband is poly you could go with Kaimi, Kulisi, or Kinoa. Your welcome!!! LOL

Skubaliscious said...

You could always go with the name of a devastating hurricane - Katrina, for a girl ;)

Me said...

I think I saw this one already...but Koen, Kasen Kyler, Kylie, Kielynne (prounounce Ky-Lynne), Camden or Cambry, Camry.

Good Luck!

Shosh said...

I love the name Caleb!

Cricky said...

I second the following suggestions:
Boys:Kade, Callum
Either Boy or Girl: Cash, Kayden,

linda said...

oh, I never got to name a boy. Cannon. My favorite is Christian(my husband's name). Mostly I say good luck with the baby. I am glad everything has gone well for you and the baby.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I like Keegan and Keaton a lot for a boy - which I'm guessing is what you are having since so many people are only posting boy names? But if you have a girl, one of my favorite friends named their first daughter Cayleigh, which I love. Could be Kayleigh if you wanted a "k" name. And I would have suggested Colton for a boy, but you've already got a name VERY close to that in your brood which could get confusing. :)

Good luck!

Rosemary said...

I have friend that named her kids Kade & Keagan. And my cousin named her kids Konnor, Kya, and Krew. I know someone who did Cooper, Christian, and Cashton. We call him Cash Money. But I do love the suggestions of Katrina, Cohen, Cobain, and Kermit. And while you're at it do Kobe. I'd love for my kid to be named after an accused rapist and adulterer.

Anonymous said...

Connor, Kent

You know, there have been studies that indicate that traditional names point towards educated parents whereas names like Caden, Kash, Keegan...etc. would suggest otherwise. Cheesy, trendy names (that you most often hear in Utah) get on my nerves.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

How about Carsten for mispronouncing like Kristen? I believe in punishing boys who are the youngest in the family.
Colton is the closest to colon I could get. Then you could call him Coley which sounds like Kelly and all your name dreams will come true.

Anonymous said...

Why keep the names to gastrointestinal issues?

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Julie said...

Colden, Keenan, Kiernan, Cameron, Chase, Cash, Chester, Chet, Chance, Calvert, Kai, Chad, Cort, Carsten, Copeland, Colson, Corbin, Camden

Just in case girl names: Channing, Colette, Keeli, Kylene, Cosette, Kerrigan, Caprice

I love your blog btw! It gives me such a good laugh to get throuh my day.

Tutu said...

This my first time commenting, but I read your blog every day and LOVE your other kids' names.

How about Colby? Cale? Campbell? Cason? Cleve? Kade? Kaden? Kendall? Kieran? Kimball?

Good Luck!

MommaKiss said...

Cooper (easily mistaken for Pooper)




Good luck - and here's to a lifetime of enjoyment w/ the new monster.

32 Flavors said...

It needs to start with a K to even everything out so Kellen doesn't get ganged up on by the "C's".

Kaden (Aidyn)
Kyler (Tyler)

I personally like My Ice Cream Diary's choice of Carsten, but again, do it with a K. Then people will think he is a girl with some freaky spelling of Kristen.

Malea said...

Kendyl (girl, or boy, I guess), Corbin for a boy, Carter (boy), Quinn (girl or boy), Kaianna (girl), Kai (boy or girl), Kason (boy), Kyler (boy)

Emily said...

I thought about naming my youngest son Clinton, but my husband wouldn't allow it because of Bill and Hillary. If you don't mind that,though, I still think it's a cute name. I have a nephew named Keaton, and I like that name, too.

Bethany Thompson said...

Our little one is...
Cammon (Cam-un)
It is so easily mispronounced and everyone asks us to repeat it... it's always great to hear from others (in their nicest tone) how different and original it is. He is constantly being called Cannon... we love it! :) Like we would ever name our kid Cannon... some people!

Jen said...

Well, my vote would be for Caroline...after my sweet baby girl! However, that only meets the "C" criterion...none of the others. I'm just not very creative! :-)

Lara said...

I'm not really sure if you're having a girl or a boy...but here goes:

Boys: Krister, Karsten, Kael (or Kale), Caden, Keller, Kenton

Girls: Chloe. I have a Chloe, and girl names are so hard for us, that I have no more girl names to offer you. Too bad I have 3 girls and no boys, 'cause I have lots of boy names I love!

Kathryn said...

I love love love the name Kai (rhymes with eye). Also like Christian, Caroline, Cate/Kate, Catherine/Katherine.

Is it a boy or girl baby?

Karen said...

I too am wondering if I missed the announcement if you are having a girl or boy. But I've got 2 good names for you. First Carter. I have a male friend with this name and another friend with a daughter named Carter. Not common, hard 'C' and works with all your other kids names.
Then I give you the name we "saved" from our friends and never used, because we had no boys. Cooper. As well as being my favorite boy name, as requested it rhymes with a bodily function, pooper, so it's got that going for it.

Jaime Wilkins said...

Corban? It's kinda popular in Utah. Even more so, Caden or any variation you'd like. There's also Kaylee and Kylee. I'll have to brainstorm while I'm out today to try to come up with the best Utahardain names!

Anonymous said...

Casper has not yet been mentioned that I have seen.

Carel (pronounced Ka-rel)

Cin (pronounced Kin)


Coleman (colon...hehe)

Cosmo (Seinfeld fan???)

Also, if you Google unusual baby names starting with C, you can come up with a truck load of names!

Good luck on your baby naming adventure! It will be fun to see which one you finally decide on!


Spicer said...

I frequently read your blog but have never commented and I thought this the perfect opportunity. My husband and I named our son Kallon-like Dallon with a K. We thought we were very creative and had come up the name all on our own. When we went back to our Primary calling a few weeks later and we discovered there was a six year old child two classes below us with the name Kallon. He spells it Calan. Anyways it gets mispronounced often and people are usually confused on the spelling etc... Anyways we have loved the name and I thought I would pass it along to you! I guess you have a Kellen but what the heck, it will just make everything a little more confusing and intresting!:)

Anonymous said...

The baby is a boy!

Becky said...

Kaiya, Kaylynn, Kacey for a girl

Kalon so that when you yell at Kellen they will both be confused ;)
or Casey for a boy as well

my daughter is Caylee

Hope said...

I love unusual names. My nephew's name is Kalen pronounced Kal-in. I like Cannon-which you can spell a few different ways-Cannon, Canon, Kanon, Kannon. My husband and I liked Chase for a boy, but it wasn't meant to be. I was actually changing my mind on my oldest son's name when I was in labor-on the way to the hospital. My husband almost stopped the car. My son's name in McCager pronounced MAC-CAGE-ER. We call him Mac. His brother's name is Mason.

Anonymous said...

My children have different name due to us being part Cherokee my son is Seneca and my daughter is Winter Moriah for the winter wind. Lets see for a C name I like Chevy, Chase like the actor. Camden,Cayden, Cash,Keanen. Good luck!

Mia said...

My picks are:


Janee said...

Here are ones I know of:


The Landermans said...

My two boys are Keaton and Kaiser, (which is pronounced just like the hospital or the roll), but he gets Kay-zer a lot. I love my kids' names.

Meredith said...

How about Crew?

Meredith said...

Or Kimball?

Anonymous said...

Cole/Kole? Lots of rhymes involving hole there :)

Anonymous said...

I used to babysit a kid named Keros.

Marissa said...

I know it is long and there are repeats from above, but I love the name game.
Connor, Kade, Camden, Carter, Cale, Kaleb, Cameron, Carsten, Carson, Cole, Corbin, Cash, Canyon, Kason, Kenyon, Kenton, Kylan, Kendrick, Kendall, Kolby, Colton, Kimball

Kristen said...

Carden, Cardon. There you go. :)

Ally in Wonderland said...

Ok, I just couldn't resist commenting. I have been following your blog for awhile and haven't ever said anything, but this is just too much fun.

I found the best website for unusual boy names (yes, Meanest Mom did say it was a boy on her blog!!!!) and chose to only read the K names as I agree with not wanting the C's to gang up on the K's. My favorites from the website are
Kaasa (could be mispronounced as Kaka)

and the website is

Happy choosing!!!

Christina said...

My boy is Koen. It get's mispronounced. I starts with a hard K. And, it is still pretty uncommon. I have heard of other Koens in the world, but never met one. And the meaning is awesome, too. Wise teacher, leader.

Kane. Hmmm. Cain & Able. Maybe not so much.

Carter, Kullen, Cole, Keegan

Don't worry. You have till 3 days after he's born to decide, right?

Just The Girl said...

I love the name Cross for a boy, I was going to use it if my 3rd was a boy.

Anonymous said...

Carter. Rhymes with farter--a total plus.

Jan Russell said...

oooh, I love to obsess over names, I think you should go not only with a K to even things out, but also with an "er/or" ending.

Camber, Kellen, Cortlen, Kyler

See the nice littler "er" bookends!

If you decide to ditch the requirements, I really think the name Declan flows great with your other kiddos too :)

Lindsey said...

Callisto (a moon of Jupiter), Kean, or Kirk.

I don't think those rhyme with body parts, but they'll definitely get mispronounced. :P

mom22 said...

sorry if i posted this already. But Kerry for a boy yes Kerry could spell it Kari or Kerrie I guess. My dad always wanted a boy named Kerry but he had 2 girls and go figure my name is Dan for all intents purposes. That should provide 1. good therapy and 2. a love for Johnny Cash's A boy named Sue. Good Luck and I love your blog... Happy Naming.

Anonymous said...

How about Cullen (kinda sounds like colon)? Or, I really like Carter, Camden, or Cole. I even went to school with a Kermit and boy was he asked a ton of weird questions in school! It would definitely make for some interesting conversation.

Melissa said...

I love your children's names, I named my children Rheaven (Raven) and Falken (Falcon).  So here goes my suggestions:1) Kieron (pronounced Keeron)2) Kamdon3.) KortlenYou could also spell all of them with a "C" instead of the "K". I just like them with "K" better. Good luck!!

Mom of 3 Cute Toddlers said...

I like Cash or Carter.

Curly Q said...

What about Koi? I have friends who are from Hawaii and have a little boy named Koi and a little girl named Kaleah. I always loved their names.

Mrs. Russ-a-lee said...

Kaeden or Caeden, Keegan or Collin are a few of my faves.

Jan Russell said...

Kellen and Cortlen are already taken! I don't think even Jana wants things to be THAT confusing -or if she did she would have gone with Darryl.

Anonymous said...

I have read through the posts and here are my favorites from all these wonderful choices.  Kieron  -- Kash -- Kamdon -- Keagon -- Keeton

Brenda said...

Dear Anonymous from Utah, I think your post was uncalled for.  I am an educated person with a Masters of Science in Nursing degree, My Husband also has a college degree, We chose to name our children unique names instead of traditional names (their names are....Harley....Braedon....Gage.  We think it gives them a little bit more uniqueness to add to their very unique personalities.  In no way does this reflect on us being uneducated sorry, but I have to disagree with that.

Michal said...

since my first born is named kimball, i'd like to say: keep away!:) i like that it's uncommon. i suppose, since you live clear across the country and they are unlikely to end up on the same soccer team, it would be okay.

i liked cannon for our second son, but my husband wanted to avoid the very alliteration you seek.

i love cole, with which you could use "colon" as a sweet little nickname! campbell and coleman are also cute.

good luck. our third son had three different names by the time he was one hour old. but the third stuck.

Kelsey said...

So I did a lot of thinking and wanted just to add one name, since everyone else gave you lots of choices. I thought about your situation and how it happened to be Chance that you turned down the job offers. I thought it would be cute if you called him Chance. (I know it doesn't fit your one rule, but just an idea) Can't wait to find out what name you picked. GOOD LUCK WITH ALL THE CHOICES!!!
~Lifeguard Kelsey

Likes Chocolate said...

Ok, well if it has to be a K or a C, I like Keiser which means King in German, Cannon though this would leave 3 C's to 1 K. I also like Karsten which is also German and does not sound liker Kristian like someone else wrote. It sounds like Car Sten. I think you should ditch the rule and go for some really cool literary writer like Faulkner or Tennessee. Strong names that he will not get teased over. That is the problem with some of these names they are too girly like Cassidy. You have to think down the line when he is going for his Ph.D. and wants to publish and get a job. Though having employers think he is a girl might be a good thing at least in getting him a interview if Equal opportunity is an issue. Read the book beyond Jennifer and Jason. It says girls can have really weird names and suffer no consequenses from that; however, boys are more likely to end of in jail. They just get teased way too much. Well, Good luck! I am sure you will come across a name that you just know is this baby. My suggestion is though don't tell anyone. We made the mistake of telling everyone what we wanted to name our third son and ended up changing it because everyone said what Rainer what kind of name is that????? We ended up with Roman which is nice too, but sometimes I wish we had named him Rainer.

HW said...


John & Linds said...

Wow, lots of suggestions so far. I liked Kyler too, saw it above, but I was also going to suggest Cardon. Do you have too many options now?

Kathryn S. said...


-Hope this helps! said...

I'm sure i am repeating names already suggested, but here goes:


A friend named her son Clement - i love it.

There is a son at our daughters' school named Kameer. It makes me giggle every time i hear his mum yell "Come here Kameer"!

Jana said...

Um...HOLY MOLY! You guys are amazing. I'm excited to go through these names with my husband tonight! Keep 'em coming!

Malea said...

I know CULLEN has already been suggested, but what if you take it one step up and do CULLEN EDWARD! It would make any die-hard, clean minded Twilight fan go..."what the *bleep* was she thinking?"

Chris said...

Cailynn - (yes it is an irish boy's name) - Colin - Colten - Cabe - Calen - Corton.

I cheat. Colin is my son's name.

Rachel H. said...

Okay, I have never commented on your blog but I read it all the time. You are hilarious! Thanks for all your funny stories...

In saying that, my name has already been said--Kaden. But I DO love the name Caleb too! :)

Anyway, good luck choosing! DANG, you got a lot of help! At least I know what to do next time! :)

Sharon (sk) said...

I like Kayden... it goes for either boy or girl. Kendal, Kaelen, Keagan :)

Stoker Family said... know it is great. I saw someone actually mentioned Keith already, he may come out with a moustache with that name. Too bad you won't change your mind to make room for the names Gary & Bruce....both great names.

Anonymous said...

How about Keaton, Cayman, Keegan, Keane, Kendrick, Kingston, Kingsley, Colby, Carlton, Colton, Connell, Curtis, Calder, Cadmon, Cassius, Cormac, Creighton, Carrigan, Collier, or Conan?

Tara said...

My nephew's name is Kyler. It fits him to a t.

Lo said...

Carden (Could be mistaken for Carson or Caden. Also rhymes with harden, which will provide his peers with hours of fun once puberty hits.)

Crandal ("I'm sorry, was that Randall? Candle?")

Kelvin (Will be called Kevin. All. The. Time. Probably a little too close to Kellen though.)

Karver (Instead of Carter. I feel that spelling it with a K adds a little insurance that he will spend his life constantly correcting people on its spelling.)

Some people suggested Cash, but I think that's better used as a base. Perhaps Casher (Provides a career goal! Casher the cashier!) or Cashen (Because who doesn't love a good pun? NO ONE, that's who.)

More later if I think of any. Good luck!

Ninny said...


Joel and Sara said...

What about Diesal, Sara, or Joel? Oh woops. It has to start with a C or K.

Ethington Family said...

holy cow if you even have time to read all these before the little guy comes...
I have a nephew (who is older than me) named Kirk. I also like Cole, Caleb, Colby (kind of).

Candice said...

Here are the names I thought could fit your requirements:
Canan (Kannon, Kanon, Canon)
Casen (Kason, Kasen)
Ciaran (Kieren, Kyran, Keiran, Keiren, Kieron, Kiaran, Keiron)
KiSean (Keyshawn)

Sheila said...

These have already been suggested, but I love Caleb or could be Kaleb, Cooper, Colton, Kelso (I love this name for some reason. I get inspiration from that seventies show, go Ashton Kutcher.) Kyler, Kreb, Cannon, Kelton

Janille said...

I saw someone mention Carl - that is my brother in laws name, and they joked that their kids were going to be Truckle, Vanl, Suburbanl, etc.

I think you should go retro-Pilgrim with names like Knowledge, Capability (after the reknowned architect), etc.

Janille said...

Oooh, ooh, I know! Go with old TV series! Kotter, Cagney, Kangaroo, Captian, Columbo, Charlie, Cracker, Kojak

Britt said...

my vote is for Carson! A strong name. Every Carson I know (including mine) has been very loving, kind. Good qualities in a man.
Other ideas,....Connor, Cody (I have one of those)

Britt said...

Oh and I almost forgot..... Kai!
I Realized that someone else put that on there. But it is a great name. It means Ocean in Hawaiian.

Lauren said...

Kaylor (rhymes with Taylor)

And just in case it is a girl Kala (pronounced like Cala as in Cala Lily)

Jenni said...

Oh so many neat and not so neat suggestions. I didn't read down through all 88 of the comments left but how about Kyson?

Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy. I picked out my daughter's name 9 years before she was born. Both of her following brother's were named two days after they were born after going through dozens of names before we finally decided.

Amy said...

I'm totally ripping off another mom who brought me to this name.

Carbuncle...look it up I'm sure you will LOVE IT!!!!!


And for fun how about Chin-mae??

I love picking baby names!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, my name is Janet...I'm not trying to be funny.

How about Cadence? I think it would sound wonderful with Camber, Kellen, and Cortlen.

music musical sequence: a short sequence of notes that marks the end of a piece or passage of music. In tonal music, a cadence brings about a harmonic resolution.

AND, this is the best part "cadence brings about a harmonic resolution." Wouldn't it be nice if that was going to be his role in the family?

Jen said...

Just curious if you asked your children to name their little brother? :-)
Oh the names I am sure they will come up with!!! :-)

lo said...

A few more...

Still on the Cash theme, there's Cashton, just in case y'all are big Ashton Kutcher fans, or you would like your son to be annoyed by Ashton Kutcher fans for his entire life. (A worthy goal.)

A couple K names: Kable, Kanden, Kason.

Oh, and Kerik. I can't believe I forgot that one the first time. My friend's brother is named Kerik, and I've always liked his name.

I think that's it.

Rebecca said...

Here are a few:

Kiley (I know a man w/this name)

Anonymous said...

I like either Kaden or Caden - I've seen it spelled both ways. Or you could do Kirk or Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I think Kyler would be a good name it could be mistaken for Tyler

Mrs. Morty said...

I guess you need to refer some of these people who aren't in the know to the video of you telling your kids what you are having simply because they will laugh and cry at the same time, priceless!!
Let me just dust off my pedigree chart here for ya...
Zebulon, oh wait that doesn't start with a K/C
Cortelyou (seriously!!)
Couwenhoven (pronounce that if you dare)
Kohler (then he'd be forever associated with toilets, but don't tell your husband and maybe he'd let it slide)
Krachenbuel (say it with a thick German accent)
Cowburn (I promise I'm not making things up)
That's all I got, have fun!!

Brandi said...

I am normally a lurker, but we liked using non-mainstream names as well for our children.

Our "C" name is: Calder--he gets called Carter and Connor often--so a plus for the mispronunciation requirement!

Good Luck!!

Christy said...

I haven't read through all these comments so I am not sure if this name has already been said, but I like...

Kendon, and Keyton

Makayla said...

Clarence (just kidding...)

My neighbors have a little boy named Calbert, and they call him Cabbie (which is unique, if nothing else...)

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

How about Keyo.

Mindy said...

Haha, I like Janet's...because...remember

"Carl Carl Carl...the third??"

Jane said...

I have a Coleman, so that gets my vote.

another lurker!

RilDakMad's Mommy said...

ooh fun... Keegan, Cade, Colton, Cash, Carter, Cole, Kane, Cooper, Cassidy. Ok so I just looked & it looks like I repeated names that others already offered up. You have some good ones to choose from. Good Luck!

Megan said...

I am a long time lurker, but I love your crack me up! Always brightens my day! :)

So, I know this name has been said, but its still my favorite :)

Carver or Karver...I liked lo's idea of him consantly having to tell people how to spell his name. :)

Victoria Elder said...

I love the name cash & plan on naming my future boys that

DeLaina said...

I love your blog! Here is THE best name Web site, discard ALL others:

Knock yourselves out:-)

Baccus Family said...

I just saw one in the news - Kaven. He could be mistakenly called Karen. :) Good luck with the baby naming!

Gretchen said...

I forget how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been enjoying it ever since!

We had two boy names picked that we've never been able to use. Ciaran (or Kieran) and Caelan. And the bonus with any irish name is that no one will ever know how to read and pronounce it :)

Anonymous said...

Carsten or Karsten? I think it's a German variation of Christopher. I'd never heard it before and now know two boys (well, one baby and one man) with that name.

WolfleyFamily said...

I would have to say Chase (my kids are K & C too! :)). Although it might sound like a typical name, there is nothing typical about naming your child after a verb.... I don't know how many odd looks I get as I innocently tell my daughter K. to "chase Chase".

Mrs. P said...

I love Casper! I never thought of this name, but it very well would have been one of my kids names had I thought of it! :)

Becky said...


c.ken said...

my vote is for camden. what could be better than being named after a city that just lost its "most dangerous city" label?

jamirclark said...

If you want something that people will mess up on, I like the name
Case (people will try and call him Casey or Cass or Chase.)
You have so many to chose from that I won't bother you with other names, even though I like others more.

Pam said...

Kegel? That would bring up some interesting conversations!

Anonymous said...

How about Campbell? This is what we named our second son. The first one's name is Maguire - No pattern - it was hard enough finding a name we liked.

Mrs. B said...

Noone has suggested


Anonymous said...


Sunni said...

I guess I will come out of the closet and put in my two cents on your baby name...(normally I just stalk your blog, and laugh a lot)After all, as a mother of 3 children doesn't that make me an expert and isn't it my right to give my opinion on everything pregnancy to those who find themselves in the state of "knocked up?!" My vote is for "Crew".

Michelle said...

Eek! Some of these names are a little too crazy for me!

I knew a guy named Keegan once, so that's my suggestion.

I also like Cameron a lot.

mommyofthree said...

Okay, what cracks me up about half of these comments is that they begin: "I'm not sure if you are having a boy or a girl..."
Hello? Can you read? Anyway, lots of good suggestions. I can't think of any to add. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Kieran, Kian, Kingston, Cason (kason).

My personel favorite is Corbin (my son's name) and a close second was Calvin

check out

Anonymous said...

Colton?? A student in my class has this name and I love it.

DeLaina said...

I knew a kid named Kevrin once...

Janet said...

I don't know if this name has been mentioned yet (since it's not my kid I'm not taking the time to read through ALL the posts), but there is an MTV reality show that has challenges for previous cast members and there is a real hick guy on there named Cohutta. Wow...I know, Cohutta. You could really have fun with THAT one!

Kyle and Carrie said...

Cole (or Kole), Crew (or Krew or Kru), Kyle, or Carrington.

Chuck said...

My wife loves your blog, she is always on the verge of "crying with laughter, or peeing her pants" so, in honor of bodily functions

Kuode (pronounced like Cody, but spelled in honor of the Duodenum)


Cecum (apparently it is directly above the appendix, that way you can tell him, as a fourth child he is "this close" to unneccessary, and removable.)

Keep up the fantastic Blog!

kristenhcubed said...

We didn't have a name for our youngest son until he was 5 days old. The hospital staff freaked out when we left without the paperwork done. They kept saying "you have seven days to register his name". We're thinking; Or what? You gonna reposess the baby? Take your time. He's not going anywhere and no child has ever suffered from being called "the baby" for a week.
(One name we liked but didn't choose was Caleb, that's a good one!)

9milemom said...

Some of my favorite 'boys' growing up and in my classes were named:


These names all have good Karma with least for me. If you had a bad date with one of them...cross them off :-)

I guess you could use Karma if you want to relive the 60's!

farmerswife17 said...

Hello Jana,

I am a newcommer to your blog site, but when I read you were having a boy I couldn't resist the chance to share a made up name from my super smart nephew Ian. When he was 2yrs. old he named his Build-a-bear pet Brontin. I love this name, but my husband didn't go for it. We settled with naming our son, Carter.(so I guess there is another 'C' name for ya). I know Brontin (or Bronten) doesn't start with a hard C or K, BUT it does end in the 'n' sound like your son's names do. So your new little guy couldn't completely disown his place in your family. Anyway, couldn't resist the chance to share it.....I love your blog by the way, as I see many do. Your humor is inspiring. I couldn't help, but notice you went to BYU, so did my husband! Go Cougars! We live in a suburb of Salt Lake City. ~Kate

Chantal Butcher said...

i know a lady who named her two boy dillion and brandon, guess she was a huge 90210 fan in her teen years, also know a lady who named her kids sinaed and connor, just missing the O. LOL

But boys names

Good Luck, and make sure you stay in hospital for as long as they will have you.

tystrishy said...


Jenna said...

I have a nephew named Crayton - Like a crayon with a T added or Clayton with an R instead of the L. It makes me think of Monsters inc. and another word for a little monster!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda (from your comment to anonymous in Utah)

I'm not from Utah and whether you agree with it or not...that's what studies have shown. And since practically everyone in Utah gives cutesy "unique" names to their children, that hardly makes them stand out.

Anonymous said...

What about a great Hawaiian name with a meaning?


which means "the white lehua (which is a famous flower in the hawaiian islands), placed in the calm, radiating goodness. His siblings would be so totally jealous that he has a cool name with meaning. And with lots of practice, he may learn how to spell it and pronounce it by the time he's 50! So that's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

in response to brenda...i'm not saying i agree or disagree but the commenter who mentioned the studies did not make that information up. once jana posted that she enjoyed a book called freakonomics by steven levitt. there are two chapters on this exact topic, with references to the studies on the link between baby names and the education/successfulness of the parents.