May 19, 2009

Bonnie Love Pictures Photography Session Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations are in order to:

Rachelle who said, "love your family, love your thighs, love your face... (no i'm not a stocker, i just love your blog)... my sisters live in gettysburg so i am commenting in their behalf for some pics.."

Rachelle: Email me with your contact info and we'll get one of your sisters hooked up!

Non-winners: DO NOT DESPAIR!!!

In addition to Bonnie's already ridiculously reasonable rates, check out her current special:

Mommy and Me Photo Session

  • One mom and her children.
  • A 1-2 hour session at your home or a location of our choosing.
  • All photos edited and put on a CD with the copyright release to use the images for personal use (print for home and family, use images for blog, etc.)
  • An online gallery for three weeks available one week after your session.
  • One 8x10 print.
All of this for only $55.

"Call it a Mother's Day special. Call it whatever you want but bottom line, I just want mother's to have great pictures with their children."

Offer good through the month of May.

You are so out of excuses for not getting your pictures taken!


Lauren said...

I'm jealous of these pictures and wish I could copy and paste my family's faces in. We live in the middle of nowhere (central Louisiana), have one photographer, and they will not leave their home inside WalMart. Life is good!

Lissa said...

I wish we had photographers who would do that for reasonable prices in NY... if I wanted pictures like that, it would cost me a FORTUNE even at kiddie kandids or picture people it's at least double .... Ah... if only PA weren't 1/2 day away...

chandeliers said...

Thanks for the great tip on pics.

Elisa said...

These photos are so amazing! I wish I could take pictures half that beautiful! Those really make memories last forever.

bknmkalhyland said...

That is an awesome price! I wish I lived close enough. Dosen't anyone who take pictures around here want to give the same special?

rachelle said...

holy cow! i can't believe i'm the winner! i love contests, but never win, so this is awesome!!! and i know one of my sisters will be absolutely thrilled--now i just have to figure out how to not get in trouble with the other one!! YAY and thanks so much for choosing me!

Gina said...

$55!!! That is a STEAL! Especially for photos that look like those. Gorgeous.

Jan Russell said...

Clearly the random generator hates me - sulk, pout.

BUT did you say $55?!???!!! That is an amazing deal! Stellar. Killer. Even TRIPLE that is a steal! I'm going to have to keep Bonnie in mind for after my baby arrives. If I manage to lose 50 lbs lickity split, I'll see about some family pics with her ;) Oh, and I'd have to think of some way (tranqualizers?) to ensure my kids cooperation and pleasant attitudes after a 2 hour car ride...but still..those prices would be worth the effort!

Leslie said...

Do you think you could scrounge up any good photography deals for us poor saps in the Pacific NW? Ha! Lovely pictures.

Chens said...

Thanks for the info. I do love your photos. Bonnie is going to come to DC to photograph me, my 20 month old son, and my very pregnant belly next weekend. I am excited and can't believe she will travel all the way to DC for an extra $45. Thanks again.

Jaded Jennifer said...

This is great. I'm in Spokane, Washington and I do photos like this but mainly for family and friends.

So for Leslie, or anyone else willing to travel to Spokane, you can check out some of my photography on or drop me a line. I'm willing to match Bonnie's deal for meanestmom blog readers.

Dianna said...

all of you all MUST do the deal! How awesome is that! Too bad I don't live close enough.