January 14, 2010

Guilty by Association

Yesterday, everyone in my son's kindergarten class got "yellows." In stoplight terminology, this means that as a group, the students were bad listeners.

The problem began, I was told, with the rumor of a guest musician in music class. My son and his friends were under the impression that one of the Jonas brothers was going to teach the class how to sing falsetto. This turned out to be false.

The music room was found, however, to contain something even better than a member of a popular boy band: an unattended plastic laundry basket filled with tambourines.

"I didn't shake one!" protested my son. "I promise!"

I explained the principle of guilty by association.

"All the tambourines hurt my ears," Kellen continued.

According to my son, the music teacher confiscated the musical instruments until the class can learn not to touch things without asking or mid-February, whichever comes first.


Jo's girl said...

I was guilty many times over for mere association. stupid cool friends and more my stupid desire to be "cool"

Merri Ann said...

This is a difficult concept to grasp ... just look at some of our politicians ...

And you just know that Feb will come and go and not a single kid will have figured out to ask before touching ... it's as if a large sign said "touch me ... pahleeeze ... I'm a bright shiny object..."

Margaret said...

I have been guilty that way many times and it totally sucks!

pegzhere said...

but tamborines just scream GRAB Me and Shake - you really ARE Lori Partridge!!!!!

Brian's mom said...

Sounds to me like that teacher is a rookie! Who can resist a laundry basket full of tamborines? Unattended? What was she thinking?

Anonymous said...

Grrrrr. All my life, I've been guilty by association. Only by association. I was so well behaved that I missed out on a lot of fun and still ended paying the penalty for others. Grrrr.
Things have not changed.

Oh, sorry.

Vicky said...

Oh, that's just too hard for them to resist! I'm the chorister in Primary and that's the kid's favorite time is when I bring out the instruments. Their fav is the triangle!

Amy said...

I've never been a fan of guilt by association. Totally unfair. Promotes peer pressure and socialism... elementary school... the roots of the downfall of our country. And here I thought it was our two-party government. Forest for the trees...

The Girl Next Door said...

HA I actually used the phrase "Guilt by association" in a legal brief recently! It's real!

Working Mommy said...

Hopefully they learn before mid-February!!


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no! How could they resist, lol!

Too Many Hats said...

My bet is on mid-February.

Kristy E said...

This lady must be new. First she just leaves them out, which screams here I am kids play with me. Then she tells them they can't play until they ask? My guess is that every day (perhaps several times a day) they will be asking if they can play the tamborines again. The ones that did it - know that it was fun. The ones who didn't, now want to join in and have some fun themselves. I say just be happy they were taking an interest in music.

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