October 29, 2011

My Husband's Halloween Party

Every year, my husband's company hosts a Halloween costume party for all of its employees and their families.

My husband is always very stressed on the day of the party, and for good reason.

At last year's party, Kellen "accidentally fell" (ie intentionally jumped) into the fountain in the front lobby. And Cameron spilled red fruit punch on light beige carpet.

At yesterday's party, Cortlen refused to put on his costume and couldn't commit to being well-behaved.

"That's totally fine," I told him when we got out of the car. "You can just sit in your dad's office while everyone else has fun at the party."

"FINE WITH ME!" he screamed as he slouched his way into the lobby. "I hate Halloween."

Cortlen changed his mind about the costume and his attitude when he saw that the party served store bought cupcakes with three inches of orange icing plopped on top.

"I'm ready for my costume now," he announced with his hands on his hips.

I was in the middle of helping Cameron do a craft. "You'll have to wait a minute," I told him. "I'm busy."

Cortlen responded by stomping back to my husband's office and erasing a series of important numbers that were written on a white board.

"What's there to be unhappy about?" I asked my husband a few minutes later. "It's like there's an unwritten rule that someone has to be miserable at all times."

My husband looked mournfully at his empty white board. "Right now it's me," he cried.


justus3 said...

My husband can relate...our son is notorious for deleting any file he has open on his laptop. Not sure how he knows what button to push since he doesn't know how to use a computer, but it never fails! My husband learned very quickly to save everything about once a minute!

Rachel :) said...

Aw man!!!

The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Oh, that is tough. Love your blog. I feel your pain. I have some beautiful children that can be naughty and nice. But heavy on the naughty. LOL

Mom of 12 said...

That has happened to my sweetie before too. So sorry!

Nerdmama said...

This is why I always take cell phone photos of my whiteboard when I finish writing on it--no one can erase those! Well, I guess they could... when they pried my phone from my cold, dead hands...

The Mommy said...

Poor guy!!! Thank really stinks :(

Susan from WhatWeirdos! said...

It always bugs me when people serve red juice at parties and then complain about the carpet. DUH!

Amy said...

Okay, red punch on beige carpet...totally the office's fault. That could happen to anyone!

nsnmc said...

They sounds so sweet and so much fun. Our son is 18 month old and we have another boy due in January. So, I love all the boys stories :) I can't wait for them to do more...even if it's mean more headaches lol.


Unknown said...

Oh isn't this the worst! It's so crafty how they unknowingly know how to do the most damage.