December 2, 2011

Youth Basketball

My boys are playing in a local youth basketball league. We're three weeks in and so far, it's been about what I've expected.

While there are nine kids on the team, only two of them know how to dribble with any sort of proficiency. The others, including my sons, are known to pick up the ball and run with it football-style down the middle of the court.

"DRIBBLE!!!" The coach screamed this so many times at the last practice that he lost his voice and had to call in his thirteen year-old daughter to take over for him. No joke.

Cortlen started the season very confident in the belief that he was the best player on the team.

"I can shoot 10 free throws in a row," he bragged.

Truth be told, my son is a very good shooter...and he should be: he spends about an hour every day shooting baskets on our driveway.

The problem he is encountering during games is that it's considerably more difficult to make baskets when there are other people on the court with you.

"I know it's hard," I told him when he complained about basketball being a team sport. "My thoughts and prayers are with you."


Mom of 12 said...

I'm coaching a 5th/6th grade girls team and I still have to yell at some of them to dribble! But kids' ball is so fun. They still believe they can be the next Michael Jordan.

Seriously....Me. said...

Mine is currently enrolled in 4 year old Soccer. OMG. Most miserable experience ever. It's it's on the YMCA basketball courts. My child chooses to run the goal lines rather than chase the soccer ball while pretending to be an airplane.
It's awesome.

vanilla said...

Oh, yes. Teamwork makes everything more difficult.