September 11, 2008

Apples Anyone?

When my kids asked me yesterday afternoon if they could 1) have apples for snacks 2) eat their apples outside, I thought that the heavens parted for once in my favor. My heart burst with pride when they went on to tell me that there was no need for me to get up (I was having some Braxton Hicks contractions and was lying on the couch), as they could get the apples out of the refrigerator themselves.

After I recovered, I went outside to praise my children for their independence and thoughtfulness.

I found my trio hovered around the garden hose, taking turns filling up their plastic watering cans.
"Thanks guys," I said, turning off the hose, "But the flowers don't need to be watered today; it just rained."

"We're not watering the flowers," said Cortlen, dumping his bucket of water on a freshly turned patch of soil. "We're watering our apple trees."

That's when I noticed the plastic bag lying on the ground. The one that used to contain half a dozen Braeburns.

After a brief interrogation and a few excavations, I discovered that my kids planted the seeds from their snacks in my flower bed. Upon learning that becoming Johnny Appleseed took a lot of hard work, they decided that the job went a lot faster if they simply planted the whole apple.
P.S. Lest I be forever accused by my offspring of being an apple tree hater, I left the apples where they were buried.


mommyofthree said...

That's too funny! I hope at least one apple tree grows for them.

Triplethefunplus2 said...

Keep us updated on those trees!

D-D mom (no, that's NOT my bra size) said...

well, I guess if the tree-thing doesn't turn out for them, they'll at least get the chance to see lots of bugs, worms and other critters at work. "Mommy, why are rats eating our tree?"

My Ice Cream Diary said...

This is why I keep my apples under lock and key.

But I bet you get at least one apple tree out of all this. =)

Nikki said...

At least they will rot outside; my kids like to stuff 1/2 eaten apples in less than obvious places. The other day, I asked my son where he got his "rock" - his answer, "Mom, this is an apple"

Kathryn said...

How cute! Now do they know that oranges, cherries, plums, etc grow on trees too? YOu might have to start hiding some of your fruit! LOL!

The Tobler bunch said...

I love the way children think and the innocense that dominates. "Simple minds, simple pleasures." Thanks for the good laugh! You are such a great story teller and an awesome mom!