December 26, 2008

The Christmas Sweater: Part II

I'm sure you got a lot of great gifts for Christmas, but I KNOW none of you were as lucky as Becca, the winner of the first--and probably last--Meanest Mom Giveaway. I can't even look at the picture she sent me of her in the sexy Christmas sweater without wringing my hands in despair. Separation anxiety is the worst.

While Becca prances around in her new treasure today, I'm off to find a replacement, which I'm sure will be an additional 25% off the already reduced sale price (unless I find it in the designer purse, mattress, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, or fine linens departments, in which case, it is only 10% off), which is 50% off the retail price or up to 75% off the original ticketed price, unless I use a store coupon or open a store credit card, in which case, I can deduct an additional additional 20% off my total purchase price for purchases I make on all early bird purchases before noon, 15% for purchases made between 12-8pm, 20% again between 8-10pm (10% all day if it comes from the designer purse, mattress, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, or fine linen departments).


We in Minnesota said...

Just love the stories of your life. I always thought I was the meanest mom in the world, but I will gladly share that title with you. You are very funny as a mean mom. Enjoy the new year.

Lisa Amott

Malea said...

Last giveaway? Uh, come on! I already reserved my church rec hall and the local acapella group for my Chistmas sweater party (that I was totally going to win from you) next year.

Lisa said...

Becca, it looks great on you! What a golden opportunity to pass on some style sense to your newborn! Maybe you can hand it down when the little one's old enough.

Kelly said...

Did you major in math, or something?

And if it is on sale, you just have to buy it, right?

Tamar said...

I love your spirit! How fortunate your kids are to have a mom who can laugh. There is nothing faster or more effective for your health and well being. The smile (that you have and that you create in others) gives a green light to every cell in your body! Wow, how efficient is that--
you must be a mother : )

I found your blog by searching "separation anxiety" on google (that is one of my specialties as a child psychologist). All I can say, is that if you are having separation anxiety about the sweater, kids and parents tend to grow out of it : )

Tamar Chansky