May 6, 2009

Super Spotlights

I have the privilege of spotlighting two special ladies today.

Shayla is a mother of two little boys. Her husband C.J. wrote me the sweetest letter praising his wife to the hills. Here's part of what he said:

"I am sure that you will receive many nominations but I had to at least try, knowing my wife probably assumed that there will be other winners and she would never think of herself. There really is no one more deserving of a prize than my wife among any other moms I know. My wife, Shayla, deserves more than I could ever give her. With everything going on in our world right now, my amazing wife has made tremendous sacrifices and continues to be a wonderful, fun, loving mother to our 2 toddler boys."

C.J., as the only male reader of my blog, I have to reward you in some way! In all seriousness, any hubby that takes the time to say such sweet things about his wife has got to be a keeper. I'm wishing you and your darling family all the best in the coming months!

You two are getting a special His & Hers gift set from The Body Shop! C.J: Having your OWN Body Shop products will eliminate the need for you to use your wife's stuff on the sly. Does every husband do this or is it just mine?!

My second spotlight is Chandra from Virginia. She and her hubby have been trying to have a baby for awhile now. She loves when people ask her things like "Why don't you have kids yet?" and "Is something wrong with your plumbing?" Having tried several forms of oral and written expression to convey her thoughts on infertility and the people who ask questions about it, she has decided that her feelings are best expressed through a limerick:

There once was a blue "mom" with no kiddies
Who tired of those inquiring old biddies!
So she wrote to a blog
to quiet her sobs,
Feeling guilty for having the 'gimmies!'

I'm not Irish, but I have a feeling that Chandra's luck is about to change. A good luck charm--in the form of a mother-in-law--just moved down the street.

Chandra: This hand and foot gift set is coming to you from The Body Shop. We're hoping for good things!

In addition, both Chandra and Shayla will be receiving one-year subscriptions to Eliza Magazine.


JenniferB said...

That is so sweet -- I love that the first nominee's hubby wrote the letter -- if my husband felt 1/2 of that for me I would be happy. And the second nominee I can fully relate with -- my former FIL said when I miscarried for the 3rd time in a row, "didn't you want this one?" and when we were finally pregnant with our daughter and farther along so we told them, "are you going to keep this one?"

Marci said...

Congratulations to both of them~they seem very worthy!!

Lindsey Stelly said...

Watching others win is FUN!!
Winning is FUNNER!!
What's even FUNNER is learning about these awesome ladies and stretching myself to become 1/2 of what they are in their circumstances!
Keep it up Meanie!!
Praying for these Mommas in B.R.

Crystall said...

Aww! Both are very touching stories in their own right. Congratulations to both of these lovely deserving ladies. Your prizes may not erase all of their troubles and daily sacrifices; but, atleast these ladies will be dealing with their issues while smelling like petunias.

soapymomponders said...

Since I've been out of town due to a death in the family, I've not been keeping up with my reading. I'm loving the husband's post about his wife and the one with fertility problems has my sympathy. (JenniferB - your MIL is where she should be as in "former". What a woman - and that's not a compliment, for sure!"

I know my husband would nominate me for things if he had the capability. Even though he doesn't do things like that (and I never win things anyway - LOL - I don't have the luck of the Irish!), he does frequently tell me he couldn't make it without me and that he knows he would not be alive today if it wasn't for my actions and care. That is reward all in itself.

Carrie said...

What a nice man CJ is! And the limmerick was cute. Congrats to both of them!

Andy said...

Your hyperbole is showing. I'm both a male and a faithful reader. :P
I even nominated my wife via email (like you said I could). While statistically she may not match some of your other winners, in my mind she's the best wife and mother.
It's not that I have a pressing need to win or anything, but I'd like to be recognized at least as a guy and as a reader of your blog. There can be more than one (Highlander reference anyone?)

Shayla said...

WoW. Tears.
No wonder I am so in love with him.
Thank you so much Jana! I am so happy my husband is also able to be recognized! He really is pretty swell, isn't he?
I feel honored and completely undeserving to earn a spotlight among such amazing women.
Thank you! ♥

Shannen&Makena said...

Congrats Shayla and Chandra! I can relate to you Chandra, I have struggled with infertility for years and the comments people make can hurt more than anything else in the world. Hang in there sweeties, you are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Great Women!
Also, i have to say my husband DOES use my face wash...when it runs out he uses his own crap, so why can't he just use his own crap all the time? lol

McMemories said...

I just have to say that CJ and Shayla are our best friends and I know that he really does love her so much! They are perfect for each other and very deserving of this!! Congrats you guys, we love you!xoxo

For Chandra, My sweet hubby and I went through years and years of infertility and now are blessed with 3 boys, one through miracle of adoption and twin boys through our 2cd IVF. Going through it, it felt like it would NEVER end, but it does and you will be stronger and a better mommy for it!! xoxo


Pass It On, Baby! said...

Well, I'm hooked!! I stopped over to thank you for putting our "We heart kindness" blog button on your page and found that I fell in love with your writing style and your upbeat attitude. SO first off, on behalf of Heather and myself, thank you VERY much for helping to support our journey of love. Secondly, you'll be "seeing" lots more of me around these parts! *wink* ~ Elizabeth

The Girl Next Door said...

Awwww very sweet on the hubby and Chandra? I hear you honey. I got so tired of people asking me "why don't you have a child? You'd make the PERFECT mother" that I drank so much the day I got my period one year I almost killed myself (I wasn't drinking alone - it was our New Year's Eve party, like that makes it ok). Fertility treatments, prayers and luck and I have perfect 16 YO twins.

Meanest Mom? No today you are the sweetest mom.

Jana said...

Oooooh! Congratulations Shayla! How fun to come to one of my most favorite blogs and see you won! :) Awesome. She is so deserving! What a wonderful woman... great great choice!

Cookie Brochette said...

Congrats to the winners! Great stories, good choices.

Love, Cookie B.
Lightbulb Cuisine Real food from the Easy Bake Oven! Watch for my EBO Giveaway.

Malea said...

I love this post today!

Brian said...

LIAR! (in reference to the May 4 post, "Liar Liar", of course, haha)

More than one male reads your blog and I am proof. Both my girlfriend and I read your blog on the regular and it has even sparked the start of our own.

Kenneth said...

Great selections for contest winners; however, I was taken aback by the comment that CJ is the only mail reader of the blog. Not so; I greatly enjoy reading your blog which my wife leaves up for me to read. Oh, and guys don't use your girly soaps and stuff on the sly; we boldly use it when we fail to remember to get a new bottle of shampoo or soap for ourselves until after we are in the shower and are now too lazy to get out and get one (or totally forgot to put male "cleaning" supplies on the grocery list and refuse to admit defeat/stupidity to our wives).

Dani said...

Congrats ladies....Chandra we too went through years of fertility and are still going through it although we were blessed with two beautiful children through adoption. As Lindsey said, you do become stronger and a better mommy. Once it does happen though...hang on to your shorts because life is NEVER the same!! And its awesome. Good Luck and I will remember you in my prayers tonight. :) Enjoy your gifts!!

little rambler said...

Thank you so much Jana, and all the people who posted words of support. Happy Mother's Day to all!