November 1, 2009

Good News and a Good Opportunity

1. Remember Chandra? She was one of our special moms featured for Mother's Day. Chandra made me smile she sent me a limerick about her struggle with infertility:

There once was a blue "mom" with no kiddies
Who tired of those inquiring old biddies!
So she wrote to a blog,
to quiet her sobs,
Feeling guilty for having the 'gimmies!'

Well...Chandra recently emailed me with some good news...she's three months pregnant!

Congratulations! We are all very excited for you.

2. It recently came to my attention that another one of my special moms needs a little help. Summer Strickland, a mother of five, has a little guy named Mason who was born with a serious congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. You can read more about this special family HERE. Mason's friends and family are holding an auction in a few months to raise funds for Mason's medical treatments, which may include a heart transplant.

Photos courtesy of Blue Lily

If you own a small business and are willing to donate something of value to the auction or to Mason's treatment fund, I will put your company's 125x125 link button on my sidebar for a month or two. Email me at themeanestmom at gmail dot com if you're interested. Please include subject line "Mason."

Update 11/2/09: WOW. Thank you for your response. We're good to go with auction items for the time being. Thank you for your support.