April 21, 2010

Boot Weather

Last week, it finally hit 70 degrees in Philadelphia. As if on cue, my seven-year-old daughter unpacked her snow boots.

The week after Christmas, I bought Camber a pair of furry Eskimo boots. She loved them long enough to rip off all the tags, and then flatly refused to have anything to do with them...until now.

"Can you turn the air conditioning on?" she asked me earlier this week. "I'm kind of hot."

When I suggested that she take off the boots, she went upstairs and exchanged her jeans for a pair of shorts. The boots stayed.

"It's really not snow boot weather anymore," I tried again the next day. I pointed out that everyone else in the family was wearing flip flops.

The following morning she came down to breakfast wearing her Easter dress and the boots.

Since then, I have kept my opinions to myself.

My neighbor told me not to worry. "She'll sweat out of those boots sooner or later," she predicted.

I don't know if I can wait that long. The urge to rip them off her feet is growing stronger by the minute.


Vicki said...

Glad I am not the only mom who went through this... you gave in... I sat through a temper tantrum after saying no... maybe I should have caved...

Love you blog... it is my comic relief...

a fellow pennsylvanian (Indiana PA)

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

HA! Your blog always makes me laugh! She'll be ready for flip-flops in December.

Sue said...


I wrote a poem on this very subject when my kids were the ages of yours:

©1981 Susan Noyes Anderson

"A long-sleeved shirt again?
Oh, come on Mom, I just can’t take it.
I know that summer’s coming,
but I wonder if I’ll make it.

"And no one’s wearing long pants, Mom,
No lie, they’re wearing shorts.
I mean, it’s almost Spring.
Forget those dumb weather reports.

"Okay, I know it’s snowing, but
a turtleneck? No way.
They choke me, and I bet
nobody else wears one today."

At last a hot day comes,
I lay out tank top, shorts and thongs
and listen for the shouts of glee
I’ve waited for so long.

Instead I hear, "Oh come on, Mom.
I can’t wear all this stuff.
I know the weatherman said “hot,”
but I’m not warm enough.

"And only little kids wear shorts,
and tank tops are for sprinters.
So I’ll just wear long sleeves and pants.
Gosh Mom, it’s almost winter."


These boots, too, shall pass...when winter arrives!

the thrifty ba said...

i remember doing this to my mom and i 1. lived and 2. turned out normal.
just let her live and hope her feet dont stink too much!

Stacie Jones said...

Maybe she is on to something...mmmh. Funny.

Melanie Beth said...

Maybe it's just the Seattle life (and I'm sure it is) - but I see this all the time! Your daughter would be so trendy here! Although I cannot actually explain WHY.

Jen said...

My son kept trying to wear his shorts in 40 degree weather. We had a warm spell before the temps dropped back to "normal." I kept trying to explain and reason that he needed to wear long pants. Finally, I removed the shorts from his dresser. *sigh*

happyfamily said...

Yeah, aren't you from CA? Maybe she's just going back to her roots!

Emily said...

My daughter went to school yesterday in shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and leather boots up to her knees (the ones with the "fur"). She is six. She knows everything about fashion, and I know nothing. I chose not to fight it either.

The Mommy said...

Clearly, you just need to ask if you can borrow them...or if one of her brothers can!

Anonymous said...

haha! i'm living in utah and i finally decided to pack up my snow boots. sad day b/c boots seem to be quite "hip," but i'm not willing to give up the beautiful weather for a sheik look!

Stephanie said...

I see adult women wearing their suede and leather boots still. And everytime I can't help but think WTF?!

Anonymous said...

I just "disappear" things during the night. She'll get over it. I'd rather have a few tantrums instead of being embarassed to take her in public!

Emmy said...

Lol! My daughter likes to wear these green frog rain boots (that were once her brothers) every day. So I feel for ya

Mal said...

I say crank the heat and let her wear them. She'll make it.

Crystal said...

But the boots are so cute! How could she not want to wear them all year :-)

Mummy said...

Hehee, Top Ender informed me today that she was thinking about her summer clothes and could I buy some boots for her to go with her things. I gave her *that* stare and she stopped asking lol

Rosemary said...

My nephew is known for wearing his green frog boots all the time. He was in the Passion Play at church last Easter. All the disciples were in bare feet, except the little guy in the green frog boots.
So much for costuming.

Stef said...

Ha. I love your blog. So much that I gave you an award. Not that you like those things or not...not really sure. But I got one and Yours is the blog I visit the most...so too bad, so sad...but congrats! Stop by my blog to see...

Valerie S said...

This post brings back tons of memories. Only my girls wore Moon boots (this totally dates me) and for my boys it was cowbow boots. Cowboy boots and shorts, yup, it hurt my eyes. They were always at the age that you couldn't reason with them, shame them or bribe them. Now I get to watch these same kids deal with their children wearing boots in the summer.

Yvette said...

I have 2 kids that are the same way.I remind them all Winter that they might be cold if they wear shorts. We live in AZ, otherwise I'm sure I would be turned in by now to CPS of course. Several times in the Summer my son wore a hooded sweatshirt. I once bought storage bins and put away the non appropriate seasonal clothes. Soon enough they found them and slowly brought them back in to the house. I have given up at this point. They are 11 and 9 now and old enough to make decisions about what they wear on their own. I figure if my brilliant son wants to wear a sweatshirt in 115 degree weather which he claims to be cold its so all on him

Yvette said...

By the way your blog is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

That is just too cute!

meghannamarie said...

I live in AZ and to me 70 degree weather is COLD!! It sounds like we have the same type of daughter, I have given up on what she wears and when just to keep the piece...luckily I taught her to be modest before she got stubborn!

Spring Jones said...

My son insisted on wearing galoshes that had the face of a dinosaur on them with everything. It was all I could do to keep him from wearing them to church. I have since hidden them away and hope that he doesn't find them again until it rains. :D

Colleen said...

In church this past Sunday, I witnessed a newer version of me. Let me say I am proudly 39 and don't feel a day over 29! But I don't wear the clothes and styles of my youth. I know better than that, but I created my own fashion in HS and college and loved being my person. Well, Sunday I saw a beautiful 16 year old with cute little sundress on and folded over black combat boots. She looked adorable and so confident! If I wore that I'd be locked up and people would hide their children from me! My daughter is just like I was... crazy w/ fashion the outfits she comes up w/ are hysterical. I keep my mouth shut as long as she's respectable and modestly dresses!

The Novelist said...

Funny! My son wears shorts in the winter and he knows better! They don't grow out of it even as teens!

The Parent Trapped said...

I call it the "Eskimo on Vacation" look. It's especially crazy when paired with a baby doll tank top and short shorts. We'll see how long my daughter holds out here in Houston.

Kensi said...

Camber seems to be a real character!

The redhead said...

As I was reading this post, I realized that I too was feeling the urge to rip them off. You are way more patient than me. If my son was doing something like this, I would have ripped them off a long time ago :)

Anonymous said...

I am having the SAME fight with my almost-7 year old! I bought her a pair of pleather tall boots to wear with her Christmas dress this year because she flat-out refused to wear anything cute like ballet flats or patent leather dress shoes. She wore them once, under great duress but has now dug them out of the coat closet to wear with shorts. She looks like a go-go dancer and I cringe, but they do make her feet hot so I am hoping the trend dies a quick death!

MrsDixon said...

This is too cute! But I bet it irritates the heck out of you!

Amy said...

I have the same problem with my seven year old. She saves the flip flops I bought in the summer for the snow and the boots I buy in the winter for the summer. She has even asked me to carry her across the snow bank because she is wearing flip flops.

I just turn my head and pretend it is normal...not a fight I will win or one that is worth fighting!

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