June 10, 2010

Mr. Nibbles

A few weeks ago, a small brown field mouse has taken up residence in the bushes next to my front door. My kids love the mouse and have named him Mr. Nibbles.

I love Mr. Nibbles considerably less.

Recent Internet searches on my computer include "How to Poison Mr. Nibbles" and "How to Attract Large Quantities of Cats to One's Front Yard."

I'm not the only house in my neighborhood with a rodent problem. Nearly every house on my street is playing host to one or more of Mr. Nibbles' relatives.

"It's just that time of the year," my neighbor Bill told me, shrugging his shoulders. "They'll go away in about a month."

I don't think that I can wait a month.

"What about your cat?" suggested Joan, my neighbor to the East.

I went inside to find our tabby standing on the kitchen counter. Her head was inside a bag of tortilla chips.

"Time to earn your keep," I said, scooping her up. I opened the front door and plopped Millie down next to Mr. Nibble's burrow.

"Get to work," I instructed.

Millie sniffed the hole and waddled back inside the house.

By the time I got to her, she had already scaled three shelves of our pantry and was nibbling through a bag of flour tortillas.

Evidently she prefers Mexican food.


Jennifer said...

Very clever that you included a picture of a Mexican mouse. Perhaps you can just throw a sombrero on Mr Nibbles and then Millie will be interested?

Mary said...

Yes if you throw a tortilla down the hole...the cat will go after!

Jen said...

My husband took his car ro the shop this week to get his check engine light problem figured out. Turns out the mouse we finally killed last month had been chewing on the wires inside the car. Thankfully only a three hundred dollar repair and not any of the wires or parts that work the brakes.
Just saying ignoring them may not always be the best plan.

Anonymous said...

Too bad your kids didn't name the mouse Speedy Gonzales, because then your cat would totally be chasing him, since he is sort of Mexican food.

linda said...

Too funny!
My sister is terrified of mice...well, she's terrified of alot, but we'll stick with mice right now...she does the 'get up on the table and screech thing' quite well...makes me laugh.
They are cute little critters, but, eeeeeeuuuuuu!

Alison said...

Is it weird that I am way more grossed out by the thought of a cat in my pantry/on my counter than a mouse by my front step?

Sara said...

Be glad it's just a mouse...we have a skunk under our front step. UGH.

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Just put some salsa down the burrow and a bowl of guacamole next to it for garnish. Millie will get the idea.

My cat also enjoys chips.. and guac. He also likes barfing it up on my white couch during parties.... FREE ENTERTAINMENT!

Keri said...

I agree with Millie- mexican food sounds far better than mouse:-)!

Karen Mortensen said...

Love it. Thanks for the smile.

becbloggin said...

let the cat know mr. nibbles is a descendant of speedy gonzales

Jo's girl said...

I guess that is the one good thing about living in a neighborhood that has a cat Mafia. good luck.

big mama said...

Crazy things--but smart too. My mom tried for 2 months to get rid of a mouse in her kitchen. Mouse traps with varieties of yummies, D-con, She even tried buckets of water with the balanced stick--but no luck. She finally found the darn thing one morning in a box of cereal.....the bad thing is, she had just eaten a bowl of the cereal!!!

Mal said...

You could name the mouse Mr. Niblito. It might convince her.

Time to take in a hungry stray.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Alison. Not judging but Fur in my chips, pantry, and counter tops would have me in a fit over a mouse outside...if the mouse came inside I would have issue with that too. I know, I really am the meanest mom - no pets allowed (including mice). ;) More bad news...There is NEVER just one mouse. You may have Mr. and Mrs. Nibbles and family, living by your doorstep. I hope kitty steps up and helps you out! Just as caution...Your cat may catch it and then bring it in to show you - while the "prize" is still alive. On a positive note...Your moving! :)

Cindy in PA said...

You should refer to him as Senor Nibbles and the hole as La Casa de Nibbles!

Guess my years of public school Spanish just paid off. lol

Suzanne said...

Thank you for always making me laugh. I look forward to your blog.

kristina said...

If I lived closer I'd borrow you my dog. She frequently drops dead animals at the door and stands there wagging her tail at me. If she can catch squirrels I'm sure she could catch it's smaller cousin the mouse.

Ashley A. said...

Oh, I laughed and laughed. Thank you. I love this blog!!

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Floridan mice like gas grills!!! At least temporarily!

Anonymous said...

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