July 30, 2010


Yesterday, I took my kids to Disney World's food and shopping district (Downtown Disney). There was a lot that impressed me about the place, but nothing more so than the sheer quantity of things for sale with the Mickey Mouse logo on them.

High end jewelry: CHECK
Wedding silver: CHECK

Small kitchen appliances: CHECK
Pet Houses Galore: CHECK

Headstone: CHECK

More high end jewelry: CHECK

"Some people are totally cuckoo over Disney," I told my husband when we got home. Almost as impressive as the amount of Disney merchandise for sale were the number of people buying it.

"Some people can't get enough of Disney stuff," he told me authoritatively, "Which I think is kind of creepy."

In unrelated news, I ordered new bedding for my boys:
And check out what Scentsy just sent me in the mail:

It's part of their new Campus Collection of wickless candles.


D said...

I am constantly delighted by how you see life and your ability to write your thoughts and experiences so eloquently. I love how you sometimes simply use pictures to help tell your story. I also love how you never take yourself too seriously.

As always, you made me laugh out loud with this one.

Katie said...

Call me crazy but I'm loving the Mickey Mouse waffle maker!

Mindy said...

Funny, Jana! I am re-living my life in Orlando through your posts...:) it's been fun! Okay...so, my dad LOVED Disney...and, guess what's placed on his headstone...from one of those Disney stores..OH...and, you should see my Disney watch he gave me..I just wore it to church on his birthday, my little connection to my Dad! :) Hope you're enjoying life!

Gina said...


To each his own, yeah?

Jen said...

One of our local postal workers has Mickey tatooed on her calf. I think she would be buying all the Mickey stuff too.

Emily012473 said...

When my mother-in-law visits from Texas, she brings us UT longhorn stuff (tons of it--anything burnt orange, she brings it on...hoping the kids will make UT their school of choice in 10+ years!) Incidentally, we live an hour from Disneyland, and when we take this same MIL up there, she spends the ENTIRE TIME SHOPPING in the stores (and buys TONS of Mickey crapola at their ridiculous prices!)
That's my story, yours is much better. ;)

Anonymous said...

CONFIRMED! Duke = Mickey Mouse. Glad could help foster that understanding.`

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

If you think Duke obsessions are bad......
You should see the Buckeyes. OSU fans are NUTS!
(um... go bucks?)

miss a said...

As mom who has taught her 3 year old the LSU fight song and had a Tiger mobile above two cribs, I can see no wrongdoing with Duke bedding.

Those Mickey and Pooh fanatics, though...you're right on the money there.

Anonymous said...

That makes me LOL...It reminds me of pooooooooooooooop

Kristin said...

My mom has the waffle maker and her grandkids will eat nothing else for breakfast at her house. One of my nephews saves the ears.

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