June 1, 2011

The Magic Show + Jewelry Giveaway

My daughter was in a talent show today at school.

The first I heard of the event was last night.

"It's going to be awesome," she told me.

"What talent are you sharing with everyone?" I asked nervously.

We are not a family of performers, at least not intentionally. I worried that she might say something that included the words "instrument" or "Irish dancing."

Fortunately for her classmates, Camber told me that she was just going to put on a little magic show.

She didn't seem to be as concerned as I was that neither of us knew any magic tricks.

"It's too late!" she said smugly when I suggested that she consider other ideas. "The program is already printed."

Thank heaven for preteen boys and the Internet. Without YouTube and seventh graders with webcams in their bedrooms, I would have never learned the secret behind the "Disappearing Toothpick."

I felt more than a little creepy watching the videos so I cut my daughter off after two tricks.

"That's it?" she cried. "That's all the magic I'm going to do tomorrow? No fair!"

"What do you want to do?" I asked. "Saw someone in half?"

She looked hopefully at her brothers.


Speaking of talents, here is another one that I don't have:

Making stuff is hard for me. It's easy and evidently fun for Sandra, one of my readers. In celebration of summer, we're teaming up to offer one lucky reader a piece of jewelry (your choice) from Estylo Jewelry.

You can see more gorgeous pieces on Estylo's Etsy site

Want a chance to win a piece of Estylo Jewelry? Fantastic! Register HERE

Good luck!


Dave & Heather said...

Do I just like her on facebook? I suck at winning things and I really want to try to win this! I haven't had new jewelry since I got my wedding band. Wah-wah.

Who me?! said...

Oh me please! My ears need some desperate bedazzling! (side note, when did the word bedazzling get added to spell check as a legit word?)

Jena, I love your blog! Gives me a great laugh, not being a mother and all. But single life isn't much greater, go to my blog if you're curious.

Jessica said...

I clicked the link and "liked" her page but I'm not sure how to enter the contest...

Love your blog :)

Estylo Jewelry said...

Thanks for hosting the Giveaway, Jana. I've posted a message on my wall with the instructions to enter the Giveaway. They just need to "Like"the post and for extra entries they can Share it, Tweet, or follow my blog, but need to leave separate comments in order for me to know. I also added the end date of 6/7/11. Winner will be picked by Random.org and announced the next day. Thanks again I absolutely LOVE your blog!

Mom of 12 said...

When I was little, I had a couple of brothers I would have loved to saw in half, so I know where she is coming from. Hope the talent show went well...my daughter did the same thing with her YW group this week except that she was totally unprepared. At five to seven she was still trying to burn a CD for her dance. At two minutes to seven she switched to a clarinet solo...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful earrings! My daughter and I make jewelry (mostly necklaces and bracelets). I hope I win!


Kelli said...

The difference between my kid and yours is that mine would have probably smuggled her little brother in to school and actually attempted the sawing trick. ;)

Jameil said...

I liked them on fb. I'd want the Clear AB Swarovski Earrings Small Drops on the Vine Sterling Silver. Lots of cute stuff in that shop!

Melinda said...

Mental Note:
Have a planned talent set aside for when my 5yr old suprises me!!!
Thanks for the heads up!

BTW: I liked Estylo Jewelry's facebook page and shared the post.

Heather R. said...

The Jewlery is gorgeous!!

Anna said...

Eh well, if it's stage attention she craves, she'll get it with or without her magic tricks. Getting a taste of it will do one of two things: Make her want more (say hello to the drama club [of the theater variety]) or she'll never want to do it again. I'm just guessing it's going to be the first; she doesn't seem like the shy type. ;)

Dallas Single Mom Examiner said...

So glad to be following you!
You can follow me too AT:

Dallas Single Moms Facebook!
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me said...

I liked the FB page.

Cinderelly said...

I liked the page. Oooooh I want new jewelry so bad but can't get myself to purchase any for myself.

StrawberryBlond said...

Beautiful jewelry! I "liked" her on FB.

Katherine DeMartini Barrus said...

These look fantastic! How fun to have a giveaway, Jana. You do so much for us already, brightening the day as you share your family stories. Thanks!