November 3, 2011

The Curling Wand

I have always harbored fantasies of being a hair stylist. And a flight attendant. But mostly a hair stylist.

That's the reason why I recently bought the set of hot rollers and a $19.99 curling wand.

"That's a horrible idea," my husband told me when I announced that I planned to offer my services to all of the high school girls in my neighborhood.

Homecoming season is upon us and I can barely contain myself.

"You are the last person who should be doing anyone's hair." He reminded me of all of my failed experiments.

I learned the hard way that cutting hair is an acquired skill and is not a inherent talent with which we are all are born.

"My mom told me that I had to come over here." This is what the seventeen year-old girl living next door told me when she knocked on my front door last night.

I clapped my hands in excitement.

"I don't really like my hair curly," the girl sulked as I forced her into one of my dining room chairs.

"I don't like reading everyone's college application essays, but I do it anyway," I hinted.

The girl stopped complaining and let me work my magic.

"I look like Little Orphan Annie," she whined.

"Taylor Swift," I corrected.

"I don't even really want to go to college!" she cried. "I just want to stay in my bed for the rest of my life!"

My husband poked his head around the the corner long enough to shake his head. "I told you so," his eyes said.

"Why do people always have emotional breakdowns in front of their hair stylists?" I whined to him later. "I can't work in this industry if all my clients are going to cry through our appointments."

My husband reminded me that I was partially responsible for my client's breakdown.

At his urging, I agreed to put the curling wand away until the high school football /college application season officially ends.


Mom of 12 said...

My 15-year-old thinks she can do hair too. Last week she cut the 11-year-old's bangs. It was so bad that my stylist friend nearly cried when she saw the damage. Then she just shook her head and pulled out some bobby pins. "These will get you by for a couple of weeks," she said. "Just tuck it under the rest of the hair."

BeGoodBeKind said...

That is so funny it reminds me of my 9year old daughter.
And my 12 year old son runs to his room & locks the door if he sees me with hairclippers.
Maybe someday our kids will appreciate our skills I think they must be to young to really appreciate how good we are ;-)

Naked Mommy said...

That girl was brave to come over! After a neighbour butchered my hair at the tender age of five, I haven't let anyone but an experienced stylist touch mine.... except for myself, but I learned quickly that I should not attempt to cut my own bangs. Seems easy but is an art. Just keep practicing on your own head! One day someone will say how Taylor Swifty your hair looks and will beg you to do her hair. : )


Mom On The Edge said...

Once, when my kids found my curling iron, they wanted to see how it worked. My son, who has very straight hair, wanted me to try it on him. He looked like a little surfer dude, it was very cute. We had a lot of fun. Until he moved and it touched his forehead! Yikes. Burns and crying are not so much fun. Haven't done that again.

Mum on the Run said...

Bad memories flooding back.
My pre teen self full of hairdressing gusto.
My little sister's head full of scalding curling iron.
My parents full of disappointment meets rage. And spittle.
Put them away.

Wiley said...

I'd never thought of getting access to guinea pigs in exchange for the college application reading! I need to think of what I would do with the kids.... wahahahaha!

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

I love the Orphan Annie/Taylor Swift analogy. I have straighteners, curlers, hot rollers....I'm still terrible.

Kim and Eric said...

I'm pretty sure I can do hair too. All of my barbies had really hip pixie cuts back in the day.

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Deputy's Wife said...

When I was little, I was the neighborhood stylist. I should have listened to my mom when she told me not to use the curling brush (it looks like a curling wand, but with the comb bristles sticking out) on my friend's thick curly hair. I don't think my little friend enjoyed getting a hair cut that day!

Christine said...

I remember letting my neighbor do my hair for my junior prom. I really looked like Annie..or Shirly Temple :( The pictures still make me cringe.

Tammy said...

I got a round brush stuck in the babysitter's daughter's hair and she threatened to spank me! Then I melted my barby doll's hair with my mom's curling iron. My son should have run when I came at him with my husband's clippers once. How did I know you couldn't use clippers on wet hair. I'm a girl, how am I supposed to know these things?! He looked like my dad's old army pictures when we finally got him all fixed up:)

Nicole said...

I secretly want to be a hairdresser too. But I want to be a big blond one who chews gum and has a boyfriend named Butch. (I'm actually a brunette with a husband named Mark).

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